Legal Rules, Terms and conditions

Contest “Supercool Mobility Challenge”

Electromobility Center México, S. de R. L. de C. V. (hereinafter “Supercool”) is the organizer of this contest, in which the official social networks participate indicated in these rules. All those interested in participating in the present, will be subject to the following rules, terms, conditions and restrictions:


  • Name of the contest: Supercool Mobility Challenge
  • Participation in this contest will be open to people over 18 years old, legal residents of any Latin American Country and will be subject to these terms and conditions.
  • The participating social networks are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and the website


  1. This promotion will be valid from January 14th, 2023, to March 05th, 2023.
  2. All those interested in participating must follow the following steps:
    1. Download the AWorld mobile app at: or directly in our website. www.supercool.centers/challenges-en.
    2. Create a user in the app with your name, contact information and daily transport and housing habits to estimate your current average emissions and join the Supercool challenge entering in the “Community” section, selecting “Challenges” option and select “The Supercool Mobility Challenge”.
    3. Register within the application the actions that you carry out in your daily life, to reduce your carbon footprint for instance: “unplug electrical appliances” or “use the car less”.
    4. During your participation in the contest, you must upload at least 4 Instagram stories, as evidence of the new actions you are taking to reduce your carbon footprint, tagging @supercoolcenters on Instagram.
  3. The contest will end at 11:59 a.m. on Sunday, March 05th, 2023, and the three participants who have registered the most shares during the contest will be awarded, according to the prize pyramid indicated in these rules.
  4. In the event of a tie, the possible winners with the same number of registered shares must upload a video of no more than one minute to their personal social networks on Tuesday, March 07th,, 2023 telling their experience as participants of the Supercool challenge and how they changed their habits to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as to invite people to download the AWorld app and join the Supercool community. The winner will be the one who accumulates the most "likes" in that post, at the close of Wednesday, March 08th at 11:59 p.m.
  5. The final winners will be announced at the official Supercool social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, on Thursday, March 09th, 2023.


  1. First place: trip to the winner and a companion to the Formula E event in Brazil to be held in the City of Sao Paulo, on March 25th, 2023, as well as two commemorative bracelets of the #TogetherBand and Supercool alliance.
      The trip includes:
    • Trip to the winner and a companion in coach class from the winner’s residence city to Sao Paulo, 3 nights of lodging and tickets to the event for the winner and a companion over 18 years old of age. Travel expenses, food, travel procedures and expenses associated with the trip must be covered by the winner and its companion.
  2. Second place: Electric bicycle and commemorative bracelet of the alliance #TogetherBand and Supercool.
  3. Third Place: Electric Scooter and commemorative bracelet of the alliance #TogetherBand and Supercool.


  1. The official means to communicate the winners will be the participating social networks of Supercool.
  2. The winners will be contacted via the participating social networks of Supercool, or via email provided during registration.
  3. Each winner will have 24 hours from notification time effectively according to the number 2 above-mentioned to claim the prize. If in this time Supercool doesn’t receive a response from the winning participant, the respective prize will be awarded to the next participant in order of the highest number of performed actions.
  4. The trip is personal and non-transferable, so if the first-place winning participant doesn’t have the official document with 6 months of validity (passport, visa, etc.) required to travel, this will be considered as second place and the trip will be transferred to the next participant in the order of greatest performed actions.
  5. The second and third place prizes will be sent via courier service to the address provided by the winner. The courier service will be selected and paid by Supercool; in the event of the return of the prize by the courier service, for reasons beyond Supercool, the winner will be responsible for collecting the prize and/or prepaying the courier service in a period not exceeding two weeks from the return of the prize.
  6. In order to manage the awards delivery, all winners must send a scanned signed letter of acceptance via email, with a scanned copy of an official ID, that proves their identity.


  1. Participants must be of legal age regardless of their nationality.
  2. Any request to repair the prize for second or third place will be the sole responsibility of the winner and must be handled directly with the manufacturer, in accordance with the product’s warranty coverage.
  3. Supercool will not be responsible for technical failures that the social networks of Facebook, Instagram or the website or AWorld application may present, as well as telephone lines or emails during the development of the contest.
  4. Participation in the contest implies acceptance of these rules, conditions, registration and general information, as well as acceptance of the privacy notice found on the official Supercool website:
  5. In the event that the participant wishes to obtain more information or has questions about this contest, the participant must contact Supercool by direct message through their social networks on Facebook or Instagram: @supercoolcenters.
  6. The participation of a participant who breaches or violates these terms and conditions will be considered invalid.
  7. By participating, the participant irrevocably agrees to assign the rights of us in favor of Supercool for the publication and exploitation of the materials generated by the participant during their participation, and in relation to this contest including without limitation videos, insta-stories, and photographs shared by the participant on social networks.
  8. Supercool is not responsible for the statements made through social networks by third parties regarding this contest. We invite you to consult the official Supercool channels on Facebook and Instagram: @supercoolcenters.
  9. Each participant authorizes us for the information and/or materials provided by the participant to Supercool and/or its affiliates for the preparation and distribution of promotional products or services and/or testimonials for the contest. The treatment of these will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Supercool privacy notice, and the applicable laws.
  10. Supercool has the power to ask to potential winners with evidence of the actions they have registered during their participation in the contest, at the end of the term, to validate that the actions have been carried out; in case of not being able to accredit or verify the performance of said actions, the participant will be disqualified from the competition.
  11. Supercool may cancel, suspend or modify this contest due to unforeseen circumstances resulting from force majeure.
  12. This contest is subject to the changes that Supercool determines, which, if applicable will be published on the Supercool networks.
  13. This contest is carried out in accordance with Mexican Laws.