COP28 - Join us at
the Future Mobility Hub
During COP28 Dubai

Located at the newly launched
Dubai Supercool Mobility Center in the DMCC.

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This is where innovation in transportation takes center stage.

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- Igniting Collaborative Solutions For Sustainable Mobility And Cleantech Innovation

The Future Mobility Hub is an inclusive, innovative platform that serves as a complementary business venue to the policy focused COP28. It offers a unique space where individuals can gather to gain knowledge, engage in meaningful discussions, and collaborate on various aspects of mobility, transportation, sustainability, and innovation.

The Future Mobility Hub is designed to encourage learning, facilitate exchange of ideas, and promote partnerships among professionals from different industries, with the aim of shaping the future of transportation and mobility in a sustainable and innovative way.

A community space where guests and invitees can drop-in to join the conversation around the Future of Mobility. The Future Mobility Hub will be open throughout COP, from Sunday 03 to Sunday 10 December, with curated events every day. The Future Mobility Hub will host breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and nightcaps, as well as a media zone; meeting-rooms and networking areas.

The space will offer a unique setting to meet like-minded leaders, share strategic thinking and inspire action to make the Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

- Supercool and our commitment

Citizens Companies launched Supercool Mobility Centers at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt and announced their ambition to expand the company to 60 centers worldwide by 2030. At COP28, Citizens is welcoming the new Supercool Mobility Center in Dubai, UAE.